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Lucky falls for Spandana (Shruti Haasan), daughter of the wealthy Bheem Prakash (Prakash Raj). After meeting Lucky on a regular basis, she reciprocates his love. Ram comes to know of Lucky’s relationship and tells Prakash that Lucky is lazy and good for nothing as retribution for a previous prank, and Prakash tells Lucky he cannot marry his daughter. Lucky confronts Ram, and they start fighting. When Lucky doesn’t stop, he’s slapped by his mother for the first time in his life. Emotionally shaken and angry at his brother, he steals Ram’s Jeep, in which Ram was transporting files that incriminated Shiva Reddy in numerous crimes. Lucky is then attacked by Shiva Reddy’s men, and the Jeep goes up in flames along with the files. Lucky beats up the goons, who then reveal they meant to kill Ram and dispose of the files on orders from Shiva Reddy. Lucky becomes infuriated and abducts Shiva Reddy from his nomination parade. He lets Shiva Reddy live since Ram was not killed, but severely wounds him and leaves him hanging from a tree.