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Melbourne bounce is a subgenre of electro house characterized by the progression from the uptempo, horn-infused Dutch house style, tech trance synths, electro house stabs, and scouse House-influenced bass lines from around 128 up to 150 bpm. The term has been used to describe the music of DJ/Producers, including Deorro, Joel Fletcher, Will Sparks, SCNDL, Reece Low, VINAI, and TJR. The genre is generally characterized by a standard 128 bpm. It is composed of bouncy offbeat bass, whiny vocal cut/saw lead, Raucous horns, 8-bar snare fills before the drop. It often features a repetitive beat structure with some amount of build-ups and mild drops throughout. It started as a cross between elements of mákina, acid house, acid techno, psytrance, and underground Melbourne House/minimal style. Melbourne Bounce has gained mainstream popularity around mid to late 2012 and had a steady rise from 2013. In 2014, productions of pioneers like Joey Fletcher, Will Sparks, and Uberjak’d were in huge demand and their songs were not only being played on Aussie commercial radio, but also spreading to worldwide and influencing international EDM style with Steve Aoki, TJR, and more.