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A dance squad or dance team, sometimes called a pom squad or song team, is a team of participants that participates in competitive dance. In a routine, a squad will incorporate a specific dance style (i. e. hip hop, jazz, or lyrical), technical work (leaps, turns, kicks, splits, jumps), and, depending on the routine, pom-poms and/or cheers. A pom squad slightly differs from a regular dance squad in that it uses pom-poms in all its dance routines, whilst a regular dance squad may or may not do pom work in a dance routine. Dance teams are also popular in performance dance, especially at sporting events, most commonly performing during the pre-game and halftime periods (and, in a number of cases, on the sidelines) of football and basketball games. A dance team can also include: a jazz team, ballet team or any kind of religion dance team.